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It’s not me, it’s you. You need me to buy some of your product to help you win your trip. You need to tag me in your posts to get more engagement. You want me to join your rock star team so you can become a leader. All your arrows are pointing in, towards you. And now you look like almost every other independent sales rep. online.


How’s all the begging working out for you? Sister, if you want to grow a thriving business, you need to AIM those arrows away from you! Authentic Influence Marketing …and you’ll have fans, not just customers. …people will ask to be on your team. …you’ll be known for your passion, not just your product. When you put others first, the money always follows. I know this firsthand. As the founder of Social Tenacity, I’m creating a movement of Authentic Influencers who’ve found a non-spammy way to do business. They’ve found a way that speaks to the passion in themselves that, in turn, inspires others. My masterclass will teach you not only these concepts but also how to automate them so that you can serve customers and grow your team even while you sleep! Register here and let’s turn those arrows out! http://inpursuitofrecruits.com/webclass

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