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Simple but profound

While talking to a dear friend and sister the other day she said something simply profound that it took me a few seconds for it to register.You know what I mean when at that moment you realize WOW !!! Why hasn’t that been clear to me before now,why didn’t I already know this?As we were talking as we often do, we talk as we ride around the block;not literally but figuratively speaking in our conversations. Women doing this more often than men I suppose as women love going for these kind of rides in our conversations,well at least she and I do.Riding around different subjects,emotions,thoughts and ideas.Ladies you know what I’m talking about,you know how we can touch on one subject then that brings us to saying something else because something has triggered a different thought on another subject then something triggered another and so on until before we know it an hour has passed with us coming back to the original discussion. Well as she and I were riding around one bit of our conversation was about not allowing other people in our lives to steal our happiness and joy. She saying,” In my simple way of thinking I see happiness as what is in my life and what is going on in it whereas joy comes from Father God making it impossible to be taken from me unless I have given permission for it to be taken.” This was a profound statement that literally was the AH HA moment in my life that will stay with me for the remainder of my days. I realized with what she called a simple way of thinking a statement so profound that it would confounded the wise of this world.Not that I’m considering myself as wise because I am far from it but why hasn’t anyone else revealed this truth?

Have a blessed day 😊

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