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Growing strawberries

Growing Strawberries

I spend time each morning in the garden checking the strawberries to see which are ripe for picking,I’ve scattered granules around each plant and the areas where strawberries are growing to keep the slugs and rollie pollies away and I’ve gotten a good bit of strawberries,I’ve harvested enough for strawberry shortcake for dessert a few times with sugared strawberries in the refrigerator for shortcake for dessert tonight. In two days I have gathered enough to slice filling a cereal bowl to overflowing so I’m starting to freeze them so I can make jelly when I get back from my trip. As I walked around Sunday I noticed the wild dewberries or blackberries are starting to fill out and are turning red. Those too will be gathered to freeze for jelly. If the wild plum does well,it’s only it’s second year to produce,strawberry, blackberry,muscadine,plum,watermelon and tomato are on the list for jellies. Six different kinds from what we’ve planted or nature is giving us. I’ve also added watermelon by my garden with plenty of space to spread out having room to grow,with another planted in the wheelbarrow nearest to the front to cascade down towards the ground with cantaloupe planted in the middle and cucumber by the handles to grow on the piece of wood I’ve propped against the wheelbarrow. Cucumbers are also planted in the ground in front of the garden to grow vertically on a wire trellis given them. Sunflowers are to the rear of the garden with lettuce and radishes by the herbs so not to have to fight for sunlight,one tomato plant in a caged pot by the wheelbarrow with 6 more planted in the area of the bicycle where the Rose’s and Wisteria ramble.The eggplant and zucchini have popped their heads out from beneath the soil as has everything I’ve planted by seed. This last rain we received gave the garden just what it needed but listening to the weather it’s to rain from Friday into Monday I’m praying it’s not days of rain to create a problem with a washout of the seedlings or overwatering. I’ll once again have to move the pots of Spanish Lavender to the porch to keep them from getting too much water. I never really was concerned with the weather because I could always water everything with the garden hose,now with having the lavender I’m trying to get it established where this won’t be such an issue. I’ve tried many times with lavender but with the humidity here and the frequent unexpected showers it was a daunting task as I unknowingly planted them in the ground and not in pots as was suggested in a Google search. Once reading the vast information on planting the lavender in the south I just decided to opt for pots and see how this goes,if they survive I will divide them in time so I can plant some in the garden. I love to have my hands and often bare feet in the soil especially if it is freshly tilled. I can remember the many times growing up I would walk behind daddy as he would till the garden where it felt cool and soft to my bare feet as I would drag my toes through the soil or just kick it some with my feet. He would announce he was going to till the garden and I was on his heels or if I would be out playing in the woods where I could hear the tiller and come running shedding my shoes when getting near the garden so I could enjoy the sifted soil before the seeds were sown.I still do this today. When Donnie has the garden tilled but has not yet planted I shed my flip flops if wearing any shoes at all and away I go to enjoy one of my favorite things about spring.
In this I will be planting Dipladenia to attract hummingbirds,this was purely an accidental plant,My sweet husband was going to stop and get a few Petunia’s for me and these are what he had picked up instead but if they attract hummingbirds birds I’m not complaining and they will vine out of the broken pottery that’s even better. In this wheelbarrow I’ve planted Curly Spearmint several years ago,toward the front I’ve planted a couple seed potatoes for the foliage as I did with Irish potatoes around the fire pit along with Mint,Salvia,Lantana and Oxalis with Dust Miller along the outside boarder.
The Lantana; A lot I planted seems to be purple this year. Purple being my favorite color which makes any area pop but with yellows it’s so beautiful to me,the two complimenting each other like watermelon & summertime
When everything planted becomes established and begins to show itself this area is hopefully going to be so beautiful. Everything making this area a comfortable gathering place for all who wants to sit by a fire and for making s’more
Now to paint and stencil the markers for each area or the name of what is grown. I love being outside in the early mornings and the cool of the evening so these times will be when I get a chance to complete this project. My gardening style is like a piece of art that gives our home fruits,veggies and herbs,it being just another area to be creative. I guess I will always see a way to design and decorate even on the outside of the home.

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