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Growing tips for watermelon


Watermelons are many children’s and adult’s alike favorite summertime treat. I myself can eat watermelon anytime of the year I just don’t like the prices of off season melons and refuse to buy them. This year Donnie has planted an 80′ row of 12 plants.If they produce as I’m praying they do we’ll be eating a lot of watermelon as will the chickens and with this comes the opportunity of making jelly.Yes, son I’ll be making several batches with splenda for your family to enjoy,maybe starting them on their life long love of these jellies. I’m hoping the tomato’s over produce so I can make tomato jelly with them as well and the rest of the tomato’s canned for later use throughout the year. I’ve not met many people who have eaten either of these jellies.I learned to love and how to make them from my long time friend Tina Barton who was from Louisiana. Where growing up on a sugarcane plantation these were staples on her childhood table eaten with biscuits or bread on many of the sweltering Louisiana summers when it was too hot to cook on the wood burning stove and too hot to eat much at all. Her mother made the biscuit in the mornings for breakfast,making more than usual to eat for dinner in the evenings when Tina’s father returned from work.She continued the tradition when she married having children of her own. I’m thankful she shared these with me as my children also enjoyed them now and then growing up. I wish I had taken more time in making them,having them as a table staple for our home because there’s nothing like tomato jelly with butter on a piece of toast in the mornings or the sweet goodness of watermelon all through the year but on biscuits or toast.

Fond memories of a dear friend

I can remember when Tina first introduced me to tomato jelly. She came with a small jar asking if I had ever eaten any,I saying no she left it with me telling me to make a few pieces of toast to try it and that she would see me after her husband left to run some errands. Thirty minutes later,a loaf of bread and the jar of jelly gone she knocked on the door asking me how I liked it. I announced I must have loved it Tina seeing I devoured a loaf of bread and the entire jar of jelly is gone while handing her back the washed jar and lids. We laughed as she handed me a jar of watermelon jelly telling me to, “try this with the children in the morning before taking them to school” adding,” I know you can’t eat one more piece of jellied bread,” more laughter ensued as she told me, “I’ll be right back”.

She returning in a few minutes handing me three more jars of tomato jelly. As you can tell by my writing I also loved the watermelon jelly but learned a lesson from the day before about not eating the entire jar with a loaf of bread in one sitting. Tina started my love for watermelon and tomato jelly,I started my children and now Donnie’s love for them also.I hope those of you who make or want to make jelly but have never made or tasted these to give them a try. If you’re like me you will be pleasantly pleased. Watermelon jelly is made from the juice not the flesh of the melon,with the tomato jelly using the flesh and juices,these are made as any other jelly. Tina has since passed yet still living on in my heart and memories.As in times like this with the memory from a lifetime ago with the making of watermelon and tomato jellies.

Have a blessed weekend 😊

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