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Wine & Butterflies

While butterflies are not only beautiful they are also great pollinators as well,these are two fantastic reasons for creating a habitat for them to frequent. Planting butterfly bushes attracts them as do so many other flowering plants that bloom continuously such as annuals, these being the perfect to choice. With annuals there are so many more options to choose from that the sky really is actually the limit. Your garden or even your existing flower beds or container gardens are ideal as long as they offer 6-8 hours of sunlight,adult butterflys rarely feed in the shade.Grouping your plants;planting several different varieties,heigths and textures of flowers are a sure fire way of attracting and keeping your area occupied by these little beauty’s for you,your family and visitors to enjoy. Now who doesn’t enjoy watching them fly gracefully as if floating on air from flower to flower collect pollen,they are probably something the meanest grinch would even love. Plants are not the only things to consider when wanting to attract these delicate beauties,they will also need a source of obtainable water. Butterflies love mud puddles,imagine that… the beautiful delicate creatures have a country farm girl side to them too, loving to play so to speak in the mud. When creating a mud puddle for them, it needn’t be a place of standing water where mosquitoes can have a ready built location for their hatchery, but a small softball size indention in an area out of the way of foot traffic allowing them a place to play adding some water regularly to keep it moist for them to enjoy getting their feet wet,balling up pieces of mud and to drink from. Shallow pans or dishes can also be used for drinking,by placing them in different locations you’re creating a variety of places for your breathtaking visitors to choose from and enjoy. If a deeper dish is used you can place a rock or rocks in the dish where they are able perch and rest while getting a refreshing sip of water.

Beer for my horse & wine for the butterflies

You can offer your butterflies a mixture of water with a cap full or two of wine for a perfect drink,this will give them the same as fermented fruit and not have to travel far in search of what they desire and receive in nature.

Fruit trees with friuts that are beginning to decay and starting the fermentation process attracts butterflies,so take a hint from nature by adding a bit of wine any brand or flavor they’re not picky. Orchards are perfect for offering them a cocktail or two so why not you. Ask anyone who has an apple tree or two in the yard who forgets to harvest fallen fruit from the ground.These fermentating fruit concoctions are well liked by many in creation.

There are many reasons why we create butterfly gardens maybe you’ll find a reason to create one of your own soon.

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