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Like A Duck Takes To Water

Today was the first time the ducklings have experienced swimming in the pond. Once I was able to keep the situation calm from increasing their fear of the yard and the pond everything seemed to take on a more natural role for them. Tho I’ve been trying to acclimate them to the other parts of the yard outside of the fenced area for the last several days their fear grew today as those in the rear of flock startled the rest causing a stampede. They frightenedly shoved those in front of them, as if they were getting on a train in the subway at rush hour or pushing their way into a store on Black Friday causing a duckling here and there to stumble,falling under the shoves of the others, causing me to have thoughts of one being injured or being drowned from their fear of the unknown.

Today Being The Day

As I watched them by the water’s edge,I silently said a pray for at least one of them to calmly take to it ” LIKE A DUCK TAKES TO WATER,” Fear finally relinquished it’s hold allowing the first duckling soon the second,third and so forth until each of them were experiencing wading, rooting in the mud in the shallow water near the edge of the spillway to bobbing,dunking,eventually swimming further into deeper water them completely emerging themselves by what seemed to be a dive and suddenly popping up in a different location often frightening the skiddish ones,where at that point fear once again caused them to scurry closer to the shore’s edge,they then stopping their frantic swimming realizing they were safe;once again basking in the excitement of feeling the freedom and joy for what they’ve been created for and to be.Tomorrow hopefully they will remember the experience of being taken to the water, entering it sooner and more calmy without the fear experienced today. By day three I certainly hope they will know once leaving the coop in the morning the entire day is their’s to explore and enjoy what is being offered to them.I was filled with the joy of a mother watching her children taking their first steps to a more independent way of life. I now can sit by the shore under the shade of the live oaks;me resting from working in the yard or gardening to watch them bathe,preening,playing,stretching their wings swimming as they get accustomed to their world as they from now on will know it. As I’m sitting writing this post about their adventure of today thinking of the excitement of them playing as they made their duckling noises;their sounds not yet a quack but more like the joyful noises of children at play.I find myself smiling,feeling the accomplishments of a proud momma seeing her children off to kindergarten.Tomorrow hopefully a better experience awaits them then after the whole pond and the acreage around it will be their oyster.

duckings at play

After the fear subsided they were soon enjoying their playtime
The fear of their first outing in the pond

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