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Dreams are constantly in the making. Not the visions seen while sleeping but the one’s seen while awake. The thought becomes action when the desire is much too strong to push to the back of our mind any loner, some way somehow the dream must be made a reality. It could be in the form of writing poetry,a new career choice,music,taking a culinary course, furthering your education, to taking a trip. Dreams come in many forms to many people and many dreams to one person. This kind of dreaming brings life to a person; for a person without a dream is no longer living but remaining stagnant in life. Are your dreams becoming a reality in some form in your life? Remember all things start small,at least you started doing something with your dream or dreams and are not remaining idle any longer. As we continue taking the steps necessary in learning what is needed to pursue our dreams even further we are still succeeding.

There are some who obtain success in their venture quickly other’s tho taking the same steps the process is slow. The person whose progress is slow often have thoughts of failure. There is only failure when we fail to try. When we take the first step in trying we have already succeeded.

The measurement of success

By what measurement of success are we measuring ? Are you measuring your success of monetary value ? Are you measuring your success my another’s ? It’s impossible to succeed by comparing ourself or our dreams by someone else’s dream or by their standards. The other person who succeeded may have been in a situation of opportunity with being in the right place at the right time;there are many factors in another’s success we do not see. What we see as an overnight success may have been years of struggling to take that first step or years of being told no with doors being shut in their face yet they kept pushing until they got their foot in the crack of the door to further open that door once shut to them completely.

Keep pushing

We cannot sit waiting on opportunity to fall into our laps. We must always push and kept pushing until finally the dream is birthed. Don’t get discouraged KEEP PUSHING.


Once the dream is birthed it then must be nurtured for growth to begin. Think of your dream as child. There are many stages of growth and much nurturing poured into the child.

Through conception of those dreams to adulthood as we see them in the success we desire; we must love,nurture and encourage ourselves in our dreams. Remembering dreams are only failures when we fail to try.


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