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Many years ago it wasn’t fashionable not to have an apron in the kitchen nor not wearing one because it kept the under garment,the dress clean and presentable for company or for further wearing as clothes or materials weren’t easily purchased as they are today.

I can remember my grandmother fondly as she wiped the children’s tears gently away or wiped the dirty faces from playing or ones that were dirty from whatever was eaten. As I watched as she canned food to persevere it,seeing her take a corner of a clean apron careful cleaning the rim before placing the seal and lid tightly on the jars of jelly or whatever she maybe canning. All of my memories of being in her kitchen are of seeing her adorned in her apron and the wonderful creations she made, she loved to cook. The pies,cakes,hams,chicken and rice,potato soup,chicken and dumplings,vegetable stews and soups, fried frog legs that jumped in the frying pan that made me giggle,the hoghead cheese after we butchered a hog,the breads of different kinds and the different kinds of cookies and pastries. She often used her apron to remove hot pots and pans from the oven or stove top even adorning one as she used a wringer washing machine as she did the laundry,hanging them on the clothesline to dry in the sun leaving everything smelling so wonderful.

I don’t believe there was anything she couldn’t make in or out of the kitchen. She not only made it through the Great Depression she also survived the Dust Bowl of Oklahoma. In those times of the Great Depression and the Dust Bowl the suffering caused her to learn what was needed to survive and that she did with six living children,one miscarriage and a set of twins who died from scarlet fever at the age of 7 years old. She was also one of the best seamstresses I knew.You couldn’t tell it wasn’t store bought. Really in my opinion as I’ve aged they were actually better than what you can buy in the stores today. She would go through her closet finding items she was tired of,ones becoming stretched out of shape,torn somewhere or she had out grown,taking them and making me short and top sets for the summer or what I would call peddle pushers, the capris of today. I would be so proud to announce when told the outfits I wore looked cute,” my grandma made this” with the stance of a proud peacock with a smile from ear to ear.

I am a collector of aprons.

Ive started purchasing aprons that I find appealing,having about six and currently making two more. My hearts desires are for all of the females in my growing family to have one here at my home to be worn as we gather in the kitchen making memories and creations from my grandmother’s to their traditional family recipes. With each apron bearing their name I embroidered on them.

Rreviving something old

With the aprons; I’m trying to revive a practice in my life long since passed along with the woman who adorned them. Maybe it can be a family tradition with each woman making or buying each daughter they have an apron to be adorned while they gather in the kitchen bonding with meals they create together. Reviving traditions and practices of long ago.

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