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The potager’s Garden

As the rain finally seems to be gone for awhile I can begin cleaning up the last of the debris from last years garden seeing what is coming back to life thus far. It has seemed to have rained every Thursday, Friday and Saturday for the last three weeks here with today being the first day I have the ability to work the ground where it wouldn’t be too wet and soggy or where rain wouldn’t wash the seeds I’ve planted away as it’s a pallet garden I made several years ago.

Watching the garden developing into the garden dreamed of

For two years the garden grew only vegetables such as okra,tomatoes, cucumbers, long necked squash, cantaloupe,watermelon and strawberries with a few herbs like rosemary,thyme and mint. It has now transformed into a garden of tomatoes,lettuce,radishes, garlic,onion,okra,zucchini, long necked squash,cucumbers and strawberries along with wildflowers for butterflies and hummingbirds with gladiolus,sunflowers with a

A pink rambling rose bush which has a rounded cage trellis to wonder as it may. There is a section for culinary herbs and medicinal herbs.Each year or two more things are added as far as the wildflower blends. These planted now are the end of the wildflowers for a couple years whereas I can see exactly what will transpire with what has been planted. Ive wanted fencing around the garden,not that I am trying to keep anything out but because I love seeing the squirrels eating the ripened strawberries I leave for them. My daddy always told me never to pick everything from the garden because the birds and squirrels also need to eat. So as I have been taught, I do.The fencing,a rod iron fence eproximently 2′ 1/2 – 3′ tall is being installed in a few months for a beautifully fenced garden. The rid iron fench is now what is being used to close in parts of the back yard;it will be replaced with a wooden privacy fence so to keep the chickens in the back yard and not making ruins of other neighbors flower beds.

The wild birds love to play in the sprinkler as I’m watering the garden,chirping with glee for the chance to bath in the shower of water. Yes my little garden has alot of visitors as the birds play in the water,the butterflies,hummingbirds and bees collect nector,the squirrels take part in the eating of the ripened sweet strawberries. As you can see I encourage all to come except the slug and bugs who will destroy everything so I’m on a mission to eradicate the slugs. Now as the strawberries are starting to ripen they are beating me to them; the strawberries are not wasted because I give them to the chickens but it’s just the thought of not getting any of them that concerns me and quite frankly angers me. I purchased weeder geese that were to help in eradicating the slugs and bugs but sadly they were all killed by a neighbors labrador retriever which was trained with water fowl. The neighbor has since moved so I will probably purchase more of those next year; the weeding and eradicating of the bugs will be done by nature rather than by pesticides and I’m loving that idea more and more each year.


I plan to have a small bench or benches to round off the garden for a place to sit and enjoy or to rest after tending the garden. It will be a pleasant place to be that is for certain.


I will always be adding something different as far as the medical herbs,culinary herbs and vegetables, those can vary in the garden from year to year.

A welcomed change

I am very pleased with the changes made and how it has evolved to what it now is.I planned it by what my mind Invisioned.

Never expecting to find what I found

In the planning of the pallet garden I never intended it to be what it is now but as time went on I began to create with somethings being used differently as with the domed cage which was originally planned to cage the tomatoes,now has the rambling rose growing through it’s gaps being trained abit to intertwine itself on and through it. I didn’t plan on a medicinal herb plot yet grateful I followed my spirit; for it is fabulous,especially as the garden is starting to show the beauty of what has been created,with having the vegetation,herbs and it being what it was created to be as Father God planned giving me the vision needed to accomplish it as He sees fit. After it’s creation I was on pinterest,they suggested some pins I may like and when I saw them I was astonished to find I had been guided to plant what the french call a potager’s garden,a kitchen garden. The potager’s garden has flowers for beautify and for attracting bees to pollinate everything. The french country gardens often have different ornamental designs throughout the garden as I have but I’ve included painted boards propped by each section telling the name of each plant sectioned grown there; medical herbs,culinary herbs and so on. I’m so ecstatic and pleased with everything here in my garden. Two years ago we did a major remodel with my minds eye on a certain design I later found out it is country french; see the connection? It’s overwhelming to me at times, a good overwhelming of how AWESOME GOD IS.Also at the time of the remodeling I had a dream; in this dream all I heard were the words with a french accent saying to me,” La Chalet De La Mare.” Never having taken french I had no idea what was the meaning of the words in the dream. I had told of the dream on Facebook and asked everyone for their help. Several people commented and they all told me the same meaning; it means cabin or house on or in the pond. We having a three acre pond in front of our home coincidence I don’t believe so; God leads and guides His people telling them what to do.


French country home design,a potager’s garden & the meaning of the French words in my dream as I laid sleeping,hearing the words in a french accent with the words La Chalet De La Mare spoken.


Lambs ear in the garden

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