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I Am Also witness

Mine was not days or months ago but many years ago, still of a miraculous importance to what I’m about to share.

Years ago I and my family witnessed several miracles within our life’s. One the local volunteer fire department was called and sixteen of it’s members joined in as witnesses.

The year was 1997 just a few days after Christmas at the midnight hour.My ex husband at work and our son laying sleeping in his bed I smelled the smell of electrical wires burning; this was not a faint smell to me but a very strong scent,too strong to deny. I calmly ( which is unusual in cases involving my family ) rose from the sofa going into my son’s room quietly telling him to get up and go outside. He sleepily asking why momma? I telling him come on now do as I say the house is on fire,looking at me amazed he said no it’s not or you’d be screaming and he kind of chuckled. I again telling him this time taking pulling back the cover,swinging his feet as to sit up,he then getting up and following me to the dinning room,kitchen, living room area of the opened floor planned home. I quickly went to the phone calling 911 while telling him to go outside. I awaited the 911 operator to answer,giving my information. I being told to leave the phone dangling and to get outside not to gather belongings or getting any pets. I left the phone dangling, grabbed our only pet Muffin a poodle. Standing outside as we gazed through the windows to the master bedroom, the door to the walk in closet being left open; forgotten to be closed after retrieving something from the deep freezer just a short period of time before the smelling of the wires burning.

It angered me that the enemy satan would try to rob myself and my family of one more thing. My son and I prayed rebuking the devourer and I telling my son to pray independently. As I watched the flames coming from the fuse box engulfing the entire wall,the flames flickering as high as the ceiling. As my son hit the cold frozen ground praying; the flames disappeared,I never witnessing a house fire stepped back to peer at the roof believing the fire as I thought was now in the attic and cause the raters and roof to explode into flames burning the entire home. Which never happened.

What seemed like forever a signal vehicle came down the road past our home then backing up,pulling into the drive way. The gentleman asking if this was the house that’s supposed to be on fire. I saying yes,he exited the vehicle. Walking towards the home I explained everything including our prayers and my son praying while we all were standing on the porch. He asked if he could enter the home asking where was the fire we saw. I followed him into the home pointing to the room telling him in the closet. I brought a chair for him to stand on so he could open the attic crawl space and peer up into the attic. As he felt the wiring and looking around seeing the black soot on the walls and ceiling. He then stood on the chair to peer into the attic,as he stepped down from the chair he told me the fire had extinguished itself. Soon afterwards other firefighters started to arrive; he taking them in the closet where the fire had been,when coming back to the living area asking me to tell them what I told him. I did this over and over as new people came to the scene,it being done in the same manner. Finally a group of five more firefighters arrived along with the electrician called from our power company to disconnect the electricity from the entire home. As they all gathered in the bedroom each examining the site with now about sixteen being witnesses,the first gentleman asked me to tell my story to the others who just arrived. These were all that were to come that night but whom Father God wanted to bear witness to what happened on Magnolia Holmesville Road in Mississippi that midnight hour in December of 1997. As I told the story once again; only afterwards were my son and I then told how the prayers moved in this miracle. The captain of the fire department began with we can feel,see and smell a fire was clearly present only in the closet. Upon entering the house we could not smell anything no even smoke.We cannot explain why it did not burn the walls,clothes or go into the attic then burning the entire home but the most amazing of these is the fact there are gallons of flammable paints, primers and cleaning fluids for painting which the fire danced around and they should have exploded as a bomb but they are not even warm let alone,the lables are not damaged by the flames. He continued to say God had surely been moved on your behalf. The electrician asked if we had a place to go,I telling him my mother in laws; he must of had a bad mother in law as I did, for he stated I’m supposed to disconnect the electricity entirely but I will only disconnect the electric furnace which caused the fire leaving you to remain in your home. I thanked him graciously as I did each volunteer who was willing to risk their lives to save stuff that’s replaceable. While getting the electrical situation worked out some of the others asked for a broom and dust pan,I telling them I would get that not to worry. They politely told me no ma’am when we entered this home it was immaculate and that’s how it will be left.

Not only immaculate but still standing. We all praised Father God that night as He seen us through a what could of been a devastating time in our life reminding us all miracles still are happening in the world today.

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