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Everything but the kitchen sink.

In a couple of months I will venture into for me unchartered territory. As I begin to collect what I believe is needed,I soon discovered I’m not traveling as I thought.

With six jumbo sized vacuum bags full of every season pieces of clothing,footwear and miscellaneous items imaginable.

A couple of books,one being Lauren K. Denton’s “the hideaway” the story of generations of strong women finding their pasts influencing their future.

another “The Esther Anointing” a book which will help woman become the women of prayer,courage and influence they were created to be.

The Bible Promise Book, filled with 173 pages of scripture for any and every situation we come against in our daily life’s. It covers everything from anger to worship.

I’m taking anything one can imagine a woman would take for a month in one location in Colorado to more time on the return trip being spent in a small rural town in Oklahoma where my daddy was raised.

I knew I had many things to pack but never imagined this much. As I go through my closet and dresser drawers it would seem to someone else looking on, as if I was moving out.

I’m taking the materials needed to work on a craft I have in mind using doilies,hankies and small round crocheted table cloths all being hand sewn together. Seeing something like it on Pinterest of course.

I’m thinking this will give me something to do with my down time at the rental or hotels where I will be staying.

My husband believes I’ve packed like the typical woman going to be gone a month or more,who packed everything but the kitchen sink. I’m leaning on his way thinking.

My traveling can have me gone for two or more months.

I’ve never taking this much time for myself, yet I’m looking forward to the transformation coming from this experience. Father God is up to something amazing and wonderful.He’s taking me from my comfort zone giving me self and spiritual growth.

There are a couple of duffle bags ( not packed yet) with what I’ll need for hotel stays on my trip there, so I wont be having to dig for items needed. I’m trying to actually make things easier for myself.

The two months will pass quickly so I’m organizing everything now to be well rested when starting out on this vacation.

There are times when procrastination is my best friend especially when trying to live a laid back life as I often must do,due to a few health conditions that plaque me at times.

I’m trying to keep them under control in changing my lifestyle rather than with what I believe to be more dangerous medications. I do take some medications but lifestyle changes are a must.

Lupus,rheumatoid arthritis,fibromyalgia are not ailments easily lived with at times. Oftentimes the weather and stress levels dictate to how and when they will flare.

I can think of several more things to pack but it’s not much more, just stuff I have to wait until the day before leaving to pack. With this task I can say,” this is completed.”

I now can kick back enjoying what remaining time I have with my husband before the vacation.

Of course I will be doing the usual tasks I perform every day such as cleaning, cooking,laundry,caring for the flocks of chickens,ducks and the three companion dogs we have along with putting in my postager’s garden, getting flowers planted in the buckets hanging along the fence,pots needing some life and color throughout the yard plus purchasing some Lantana plants to make borders and places here and there come alive, filling in these areas needed with Lantana since it is a more drought resistant plant.

Life as you know is busy with times filled with opportunities of emence growth in the area’s where growth is necessary to move any further in where Father God desires us to be.

Often requiring us to take everything but the kitchen sink.

Happy blogging with much appreciation,prayer & love sent

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