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Duck Eggs

A coconut cake made with duck eggs instead of chicken eggs. Not that I lack chicken eggs I’ve just never baked with or have not cooked with duck eggs as I have the others. With a surplus of the duck eggs I decided to use them in place of the chicken’s eggs. Knowing duck eggs are richer I thought it would make a better cake. Since I have craved coconut cake since way before Easter,thinking it’s time I put an end to the cravings;I sampled a piece of the cake as I was putting the frosting between the layers; it is absolutely the fluffiest,most moist cake that melts in you mouth, that kind of cake. The southern term would be,” slap yo momma kind of good.” With that being said I will add, this was made from a boxed cake mix where I replaced the water with milk,the oil with melted real butter and instead of the 4 eggs the recipe called for I used 6 duck eggs. From the pictures you can see the yolk is a richer yolk than the chicken eggs one usually purchases from the stores and are richer,darker yoked than the fresh organic eggs I have from my backyard flock. I had done an experiment on my daughter and her boyfriend while they visited during the Christmas Holiday; YES, tho my children are grown I still use them as my taste testers or in my food experiments. They never minding as small children nor do they mind at this age,they infact are more eager to be my test tasting guinea pigs. As I began to tell you about the experiment, we loving hard boiled eggs as a healthy protein packed snack,with more than enough eggs I usually have boiled eggs in the refrigerator,pickling in a jar of vinegar and spices or some setting in a jar in the fridge with a soy sauce mixture. I was boiling eggs one evening during the holidays with a few duck eggs being thrown in the pot. As I was peeling the eggs I thought I’d give my daughter and her boyfriend a sample of a duck egg and a chicken egg allowing each to tell me which egg tasted richer to them. Hands down they both agreed the duck egg was the best, they asking what was the difference I told them of my experiment in which they were partakers of. I gained honest opinions leaving my tastes buds out of the equation allowing my unsuspecting children to solve the question I longed to find. My husband doesn’t mind being the taste tester but he noticed no difference in the two saying,” eggs are eggs” so he being of no help the children being my next option solved the burning questions in my mind,I knew then I would be cooking more with the duck eggs. Today is another part of the answers I sought of how would they taste in recipes. I am excited to use the surplus of duck eggs for egg sandwiches on the weekends or as the weather changes to spring then too quickly to summer when the heat of the day causes us to eat light,egg sandwiches, tuna fish sandwiches even boiled eggs will be the perfect dinners. The eggs will certainly be used and not given away to whomever may like them. Yes I know crazy right,giving eggs away I could be using but I see it as I was a blessing to whomever received them as my husband took them to work giving them to someone there. I will continue to give some if the person requests but will no longer generously send them on their way out of my home. When I have a surplus of eggs after boiling and pickling I usually feed them back to my flock for added calcium and protein so nothing is ever wasted. The hard boiled eggs keep bored chickens from fighting or getting into things they shouldn’t for a little minute until something else catches their attention. The conclusion to my story is this please give duck eggs their place in your recipes and in your life as a healthy protein snack they are the most delicious eggs you will eat. The coconut cake will go perfectly with the spaghetti, Italian sausage meatballs in marina sauce, yeast rolls hot out of the oven with real butter. I say real butter because it makes a difference in the taste of whatever recipes call for butter or margarine. I stopped using margarine years ago because of the ingredients being the same as what is used in paint and plastic. Happy blogging, with much prayer and love sent to all.

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