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The 5 Things Needing changed in Your life.

Have you ever felt as if you’re life is in a rut?

Are you having feelings of dread,regret or filled with stress,anxiety and worry?

These are common when we stretch ourselves too thin. Trying to be all things to all people.

Are you tired of trying to be superman or wonder woman?

People depending on you for just about everything, tho giving you nothing in return.

When you’ve hit the bottom of the ” I’m drained barrel” seeming as if there’s no one around to help you find the refreshing and restoration you’re so desperately needing.

You start feeling yourself falling apart as if you’re in the middle of a breakdown.

Where you feel like finding the nearest cave,booting the bear who is hibernating so comfortably there to the curb and taking the rest of it’s hibernation time for yourself.

You know without a doubt you can take the bear because you have the anger of the incredible hulk building up deep within you slowly rising to the surface as steam escapes from a whistling tea kettle.

Causing you to turn green ready to rip your shirt from your now gigantic torso while starting to growl and flexing your muscles.

Not knowing who will be the victim of your rage. You’re wanting to scream for the entire world to hear;needing to release some of the pressure that’s bottled deep within.

Does this sound anything remotely to what you’re experiencing?

Are you now looking forward to fighting the bear so the pinned up hostility can be released. OH THE POOR BEAR..

The #1 thing to change first is being a people pleaser.

You are not obligated to be all things to all people.

You have the right to say,” no” without the need of explanation.

When you find yourself trying to explain why you are not going to bring a green bean casserole to the family pot luck dinner tonight; that you have just so graciously been asked to do so thirty minutes before the dinner.

#2 make yourself some “YOU” time.

Treat yourself. Do something you’ve been wanting to do but never having the time.

If your budget does not allow such extravagant yearnings that you may have.

Grab all the candles, placing them around the house turning off all the lights giving your home the ambiance of relaxation.

Along with this also fill your scentsy burners with your favorite waxed scents or essential oils ( please use caution when using essential oils. Google how to use them in your scentsy)

Allow your environment to be one that is pleasing to all of your senses.

Next turn on your favorite soothing music.

Something nice and calming. Try a tranquil cd, maybe one with the piano softly playing as the waves of the ocean in the far distance pushes itself to the shore.

Now that you’ve done these things run yourself a bubble bath. That’s right a bubble bath.

where you can lounge in the tub allowing the heat from the water to relax not only the soft tissue but deep into the muscles.

Staying in the bath for at least 15 – 20 minutes.

Keeping the water as warm as you can handle it not allowing it to cool but keeping it at a temperature you find soothing for yourself.

When getting out of the bath do not dry off;doing so causes your body to cool down. You’re wanting deep relaxation.

Put a robe on or wrap yourself in a towel,wrapping your head also if you choose.

Next go lay in bed covering yourself with your arms under the covers;pulling them up to your neck. Tucking everything in around you so no heat excapes.

The heat and moisture from the bath will create warmth to relax you from head to toe.

You may find yourself falling asleep for a bit as your body’s relaxing and your mind is freeing itself from the overload of stress.

Don’t allow the quilt of falling asleep nag at you.

Remember your not people pleasing anymore.

Today you’re pleasing yourself.

It’s part of your much needed rest to help heal and restore your body and mind.

#3 give yourself one day a week to rest.

You must take time for yourself; there is only one you.


Turn off your phone and all devices that connect you to social media and those outside of your home during your day of rest.

Avoid the avenues of drama that create the stress in your life.

#4 Allow yourself to love YOU.

The you are with all your flaws and faults.

When you love someone or something you take very good care of it.


You cannot do all you do in your life without taking care of yourself.

#5 Get into the practice of meditation and pray.

Talking with Father God is very vital to the healing of our minds,body’s & souls. This should ALWAYS be our #1 priority.

Rremember when you take something to God, leave it there for Him;it has now become His,it is no longer your burden.

When the issue pops into your head refuse to entertain the thoughts reminding yourself God has it.


When we get too busy with everything else in life we often neglect our relationship with Father God.

Our prayer time,reading the word,meditating on what we’ve read,praise and worship can become very limited,if at all.

Stay in the presence of the Almighty by spending quality time with Him. Building a relationship with Him not a religion.

Repeat these steps as often as needed.

Happy blogging with much love sent.

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