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My little ones enjoying their first Easter.

Easter is such a beautiful Holiday to celebrate isn’t it?

Being we’re celebrating the resurrection of our Lord and Savior.

Bringing a new meaning to life; a life ever lasting when this life here on earth is finished.

As I reflect on all the Easter’s past,celebrating with my children when they were still young.

The joy of coloring the eggs the days before,seeing their little faces lighting up as they watch their plain white eggs magically appear from the cups of dye in the colors of purple,pink,yellow and orange.

The cups of dye often turning to a black from the colors being mixed together while dying the eggs.

Their clumsy little fingers trying so hard to decorate them with the stupid wax crayons that came in the kit.

Until one year I decided to get the shavings of crayons from the bottom of their crayon boxes.

Where they nestled there waiting to be used instead of being tossed in the trash.

I showed them how to roll the still warm eggs in the paper plates of shavings making the most beautiful creations of marbleized colored eggs.

Why didn’t I think of this when I was decorating eggs as a child? This made the eggs look so beautiful rather than the ugly ones I made.

As the years pasted I realizing quite the artist they were becoming. They still enjoy drawing today and both are very talented.

I still enjoy seeing the projects they may be working on.

After the eggs decorated,the joy of finding the perfect place for them to nest until time for some to be placed in their baskets and the rest for hiding.

I never told my children the lies of santa,the Easter bunny,tooth fairy and such.

As I wanted them to believe the truth of our Savior and the true meanings of Easter and Christmas.

We celebrated each holiday but with the truth behind them not the myth.

All dressed in true Easter fashion. The beautiful dress,hat,shiny paton leather shoes, gloves and purse for her and the suit,tie,new shoes for him.

As they ran excitedly from spot to spot in hope’s of finding their treasures of the colored eggs and of course seeing who had found the SPECIAL egg receiving the prize.

Tho they both received something. I wanted to instill in them, they are both winners in life no matter the outcome.

Which at first was the large chocolate solid bunny,to then money as they grew to spend as they wanted when we went into town.

So much chocolate seemed a waste.

As their Easter baskets always were chalked full.

The ham cooking in the oven causing everyone to impatiently wait for dinner.

knowing there would be the sides of sweet potato casserole, potato salad,baked beans with yeast rolls which would be slathered with real butter.

Desserts of ambrosia,coconut cream pie with roasted coconut gracing the top with it’s scent of richness that ony roasting creates and a cake; a different kind each year.

Once a bunny cake I created just for them;knowing time passes much too quickly. I was wanting them to have the memories of us creating this cake together or as much as they could participate in doing.

As I had mentioned earlier the excitement of the day was always centered around the true meaning of the days events.

I never wanted them to lose sight what especially this time of celebration was about.

Now with the empty nest it being only my husband and myself with all the little ones that now take up most of my time.

As this is my ducklings first Easter they are enjoying excitedly running around the yard looking for grass to knibble or to them chasing bugs as my children once frantically and enthusiastically ran looking for Easter eggs.

The ducklings are now sunning in a comfortable spot after finding the water to play in.

Oh how things change in life. They are wonderful changes mind you and I’m very thankful for each change I have experienced.

One thing that doesn’t change is the reason we celebrate this day.

The resurrection of our Savior

Have a blessed day with much love sent..

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