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100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Not many things come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee in life.

I am here to tell you of one. Are you interested?

I know you’re waiting for the catch… Waiting for the bait…

The further you read the more you’re thinking nothing comes with such a guarantee.

Your instincts are telling you there will be a certain amount of $$$$ you will have to spend in order to get this offer of a life time with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

I am selling nothing but offering you a chance to obtain just this, a 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE

I have found the satisfaction I’m talking of and I’m wanting to offer you the chance of obtaining this same satisfaction.

Are you wanting to find the truest form of love imaginable?

The love you have only dreamed of yet have never found ?

Here’s your chance of getting all the information needed to obtain the desired love with the 100% satisfaction guarantee that comes only with this type of love.


Now are you ready for what I’m offering you today ?

I hope you are because I can honestly PROMISE you,you won’t regret making this decision.

Let me ask you ONE last question,I will then tell you all you need to know to acquire what I have to offer you.

Are you seeking companionship with a loyal loving heart,one who will be with you through thick or thin until death do you part?

If so this is for YOU…YES YOU..

Once I acquired a pet I found the love I always dreamed or ever imagined having. One with the truest,purest unconditional love.


They don’t care about your flaws or faults. If you’re ugly, beautiful,your breath stinks or if your hair’s a mess, or whether your rich or poor. None of this is important to them.

The only thing they desire is your love and maybe a piece of what your eating.

You can obtain one or two companions,if that’s your desire at your local Animal Shelter.

For a small fee you can have the 100 % SATISFACTION GUARANTEED love I have aforementioned.

You can choose a pet of your choice. A cat or dog.

I’m more of a dog person myself. I love the attention and admiration they offer plus the protection I desire and need.

Whether big or small a dog will try to protect those they love and admire.

They are also the perfect alarm system.They’re ready to take action when necessary.

Cats usually go about doing their own thing,very independent creatures; coming to you when they’re ready, when they’re wanting love or needing fed.

If this is the type of companion you seek he or she can be found there also.

I never had a cat who was excited to see me when I walked through the door whether I’ve been gone all day or fifteen minutes.

If you’re wanting a pure breed dog they can be found there also.

Shelters are full of animals that could no longer be taken care of,their owner may have passed away or they were dropped off because they were no longer wanted.

Please consider visiting your local Animal Shelter for the companion of your choice,them giving the unconditional love we all crave and continually search for.

You’ll never regret the decision and they’re love comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

You can also find companion animals who are already housebroken; an older pet where the training has already been done.

Or consider the senior companions who are not full of the energy as a puppy.

Please consider what I’ve written and visit your local shelter, there’s a companion waiting for you,needing the love you have to offer.

Who will love you for the remainder of their life or yours.

I have three companions. Two I purchased from an ad in the news paper,one was gotten from a local Animal Shelter.

The one obtained from the animal shelter is a pure breed,a Yorkie with the sweetest, greatest love one could only hope for.

I do hope this post has touched your heart and you visit an animal shelter near you soon to have your loyal loving companion whether it’s a cat or dog.

Please write in the comments letting me know when you visit a shelter and obtain your precious companion,sending pictures if you’d like.

Or if you’ve already acquired your companion from a shelter please comment telling your wonder experience with finding the 100% satisfaction guaranteed,unconditional love hopefully encouraging someone else in finding theirs.

Help a dog or cat find their forever home in your heart today.

Happy blogging & with much love sent.

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