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The count Down Continues

I have impatiently waited for the months to pass as I count down to my departure date. Of what I call the vacation of a life time.

The vacation has been planned for a year with a few alterations being made concerning my traveling companions.I have not detoured much from the original plans.

I will be traveling alone to the BEAUTIFUL state of Colorado.

I have a rental reserved for thirty – four days of doing absolutely nothing,to doing all I can in the time frame allotted.

The home is an 1800’s Victorian two story; the outside fashionably dressed with the color scheme of the era in which it was built;with a wrap around porch made just for relaxing.

The inside is amazingly beautiful as it has been recreated giving it more of modern design,having the ambience of a home away from home with everything needed within it’s walls. ( except food of course)

I first cringed at the thought of traveling by myself, not doing so since I started having children almost 38 years ago.

With the nest now empty, my chicks making nests of their own & my husband unable to be away for that long;I have settled into the fact it is only Father God & myself who creates the irtinary of this entire vacation.

I’m driving instead of flying as I am taking three different seasons of clothing,my own pillows,chunky blanket & object giving me little reminders of home or making it more of my own home while there.

An antiqued framed picture of my husband will sit on my bedside table along with a vintage table clock which now sits by my bed;I’m wanting to keep it set to this time zone where I will know when it’s feasible to call & chat with everyone.

I’m also bringing a mantle clock to hear the chimes which sound like church bells ringing. When they chime here I often imagine the sounds echoing through the older home sounding as if they always belonged long before I came to visit.How wonderful that will be as I love the sounds of church bells ringing joyfully for all those who will listen.

There are many things I want to do while visiting this quaint little town.

I’m wanting to walk into town as the weather permits;strolling along visiting each shop,restaurant, museum or places of interest while I’m there.

By the time I leave I hopefully will be considered a local. Tho I am going to be spending much of my time at home allowing my soul so to speak to ease back in.

I haven’t had time for or to myself in many years. I believe this is just what the Great Physician has ordered.

I can have uninterrupted time with Father God allowing Him to refresh,refill & restore me for what He has for me to do in this next part of my life’s journey.

Im looking forward to going from shop to shop enjoying the experience each has to offer. As I am also excited about the eateries,wanting to try the local cuisine.

I will also be stopping at the winery for a bottle of wine.

This will finish the first full days tour as I head home to take a long hot shower,put on a pair comfy pj’s, some soft jazz music & allow everything to ease back in as I open a bottle of wine to relax.

My days will be filled, I’m sure as this is unchartered territory for me.There will be so many wonder things to bring my senses alive.

The atmosphere filled with all of the different aroma’s,sounds of the small tourist town,the awesome sight of the mountains as their peaks reach into the sky as if lifting themselves in praise to Father God their creator.The art exhibits allowing local artist to show his or her talents. There is also a dinner theater which offers another form of the local’s talents.

This certainly is a vacation of a life time.

Once overwhelmed with fear & doubt it has now become clear I am quite ready for the vacation of a life time,being my own companion,learning to be satisfied with myself.

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