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Your latter will be better than your former

These words echoing in my mind as one yelling from the mountaintop the word HELLO and listening for the sounds of the HELLO,hello,hello,ello,llo,lo echoing back,eventually fading to a stop until yelled once again.

Setting quietly with the chirps of the parakeets sweetly chattering in the far distance of another room; only they and the sound of the celing fan being audibly heard.

In God’s Word it can be found several times mentioning, “Our Latter Will Be Better Than Our Former” another verse refering to this as “The Latter Rain.”

Sitting in the quietness of the room,comfortable in my place of rest within my thoughts as if the book of my life is slowly turning one page at a time often with vivid illustrations. I reliving each as if it were now and not so long ago. Remembering the precious moments I have enjoyed.

In this part of my life I’m trying to focus more on the good journey throughout my life; tho I have learned many great lessons in all parts of it equally.

The negative parts of my life I want to put to rest. Never wanting to revisit them in the form of making the same mistakes nor am I desiring to relive them in my thoughts either.They are being placed to rest in my past where with great discipline and thoughtful prayer they will forever be. Only the lessons learned shall remain.

For yesterday is gone, within it nothing can be changed; tomorrow is not yet come,giving us only today to live and enjoy.

As I turn each page I begin to realize my life as been very good for the most part. I have enjoyed more happiness than pain and sorrow, which in itself is a miracle considering the choices of others,those I have made,could of made or that have happened from how life plays itself out in general.

Having only one regret of not allowing Father God to lead me in life sooner.

In retrospect I have lived a fulfilled wonderful life. I haven’t much to complain about. I was for the most part raised in a two parent household, given many of the opportunities that most will never have nor ever experience and for that I’m sadden.

I have lived in many different locations with diverse peoples and cultures.Experiencing living in the big cities. Experiencing their hustling bustling lifestyle. People forever going somewhere as an army of soldiers marching on to war.

Many people could be found gathered in groups in several different locations waiting to catch the buses which would take them to their destinations,some hailing cabs with the gesture of an out reached arm,their hand waving as a flag blowing in the breeze or hailed with a whistle loud enough to be heard over the city noises.

Others walking frantically to get where they’re wanting to be while yet others are enjoying their outing slowly strolling through the crowded sidewalks;only stopping when something has caught their eye,they then disappearing from view into one of the many shops.

The store fronts along the busy sidewalks with their mannequins perched;dressed in their grand apparel. They advertising the latest styles looking out through the glass at those who stop to gaze upon them.

The cafe’s, pastry shops,pizzeria’s,farmer’s markets,bakeries with fresh hot bread from the ovens,meat and fish markets all within walking distance giving those passing by the ability in finding everything one could want,desire or need.

Along with the alluring aroma’s of the eateries filtering through the air beckoning those near and as far as the aroma’s can possibly travel saying “come enjoy what is offered.”

I remember the sounds of the many different church bells often ringing in unison or as one set of bells were ending their symphony another began. I myself often stopping when hearing them, taking the time to listen to the beautiful music they created. What a magnificent difference to the usual busyness and noises of the city. As if to be a reminder to everyone there is more than the hurriedness of life.

I have a mantel clock in my home which when it chimes it reminds me of the ringing of those church bells of long ago.

Have you ever watched the movie. ” The bells of Saint Mary’s” with Bing Cosby? If so you then know to what I’m referring.

As a child going into the city with my grandmother on Saturday’s was exhilarating. She would hail a cab or we would walk what seemed a great distance to where the sidewalks would be dotted with shops on either side of the street along our way to acquire what it was she wanted for the weekend and upcoming week.

I’d stand at her side as instructed,probably too close, for at times she would have to nudge me to move as she walked from one wooden box to another examining each section of produce sectioned they were often divided by wooden dividers or different boxes entirely.

I’d watch her pick and choose each piece by appearance,texture and aroma,often allowing me to partake in smelling the fruits such as peaches and cantaloupes as she would choose those she desired, along with the other fruits of apples, oranges,pomegranates,pears and plums. The pomegranates were for me as I loved them then,stilling loving them to this day.

The shop owners would speak calling her by name,they involving in lengthy conversations at times,always asking about the others families. Such things as who had gotten or is getting married,given birth or who moved away,sometimes giving their condolences on who had recently passed into the afterlife.

I loved the times of going to town with my grandmother for all of the wonderful things I experienced, which usually ended by stopping at the pastry shop;her picking a few wonderfully delicious morsels of cakes,cookies,pastries and whatever my grandfather’s request was for that day or week,then stopping to eat at one of the local eateries.

I did not have any favorites for they all seemed so delicious after the busy day of being teasted by all the wonderful aromas;tho on our outings I was always given a piece of fruit or two to tied me over until we stopped to eat lunch. The breakfast would long be gone and forgotten as she would hear my stomach growl.

One of my favorite treats was not only the pomegranates but hard coated candied apples. The candied apples were beautifully coated with the shiny,cinnamony covered sticky goodness that cracked as I would bite into the hard candy coating and the grisp delicious apple laying just beneath it making it the perfect ending to a perfect day.

I was not allowed to eat the candied apple or apples.I say this in the plural because I only recieved two if the shop owner gave an extra one for me. Which she usually did after she would; between her soft finger and thumb sweetly caress both of my cheeks then rubbing them with the back of her fingers, lovingly stroking them as she smiled; giving me many lovely kisses on each cheek followed by the kind of hugs only a grandmother can give. Her smile could light up the darkest of nights.

I enjoyed each time we visited her shop not only for the treats but also she had a beautiful soul with the most gentlest of touches. I loved being in her company; for she brought me joy and comfort. As if I were visiting another grandmother.

I was able to carry the candied apple treats myself on the way back to my grandmother’s house but I must wait till after dinner to enjoy one,always saving the other for Sunday.

I remember those weekends vividly,as I recall the other happenings in my life’s journey.

I must say, “It’s A Wonderful Life” I’ve been given. With our latter being better than our former,my latter rain is one glorious rain.

As I set here with all of my memories I’m overwhelmed with the thought of how Father God is going to out do Himself in this part of my life than what He has done in my former.

My latter rain has already begun; with me enjoying every day,one day at a time. Soaking in as much of life as I can for it is far too fleeting and too precious to waste.


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