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La Chalet De La Mare where spring has sprung.

With the changing of the seasons everything is coming alive transforming the wintery drab scenery and surroundings to a lush green with dots of color here and there. The trees and shrubbery are leafing,some have flowered too quickly dissapearing.

The rain we’ve received is giving the ducks & ducklings a chance to play in the puddles before the next storm arrives. I’m giving them their free ranging time for they’ll soon be cooped from the storm coming.

The muscadines are leafing, sprawling everywhere giving images of jars of jelly cooling on the table and countertops. The wild plum have shoots coming up,I’m thinking of transplanting them,making a small grove.

The ground has been broken for the garden we’re now waiting for the ground to dry to till where sowing and planting can begin. The potager’s garden is ready for me to start planting the okra,squash, eggplant, potatoes, onions, cucumbers and tomato plants.

I’m hoping to have an abundance of everything to persevere by canning as I used to watch grandma doing. We have freezers but with hurricanes,we have learned with Katrina gas isn’t always available for the generators. Canning seems our best opinion.

In May the Crape Myrtle will be in bloom giving the yard a more beautiful place to be. Our Garden of Eden. Complete with a back yard shower,prayer path meandering through the garden,the fire pit which will soon have a gazebo type shelter over it giving us a place to sit sheltered from the rain and sun.

Yes spring has sprung

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