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Crafting is a way of life for me if I’m not making home decor, I’m making something like this apron.

I’ve taken a pair of denim overall shorts cutting along the side seams leaving the original seam intact. I left the side buttons in place leaving the back belt loops also in place with enough space to rip the stitching from the bottom of the loops, just the bottom is necessary to unstitch. Taking an original seam from another part of the shorts to sew it along the back edge where the belt loops are. Leaving enough fabric along the seam to tuck and sew leaving a more natural seam line. This will probably need two pieces of seamed material to be sewn together. When attaching the seam.I’ve tried making two places that looked deliberate, spacing them evenly.

When this is in place I will then reattach the belt loops back making them also look deliberately placed. When ripping the seam to the loop leave enough material to fold and tuck the original fabric back in place before the reattachment to look more natural.

I cut the back pockets off close to the seams without harming the factory seam and leaving the material already sewn to the back of the original pocket keeping the pocket intact also. I’ll be sewing the pockets to the bottom section of the apron then sewing crocheted doilies to them.

A couple doilies will be sewn down first,placing the pockets over parts of them making them look as if they are coming out of the pockets. See picture below. I will then sew doilies at different places on the apron including the bib.

I cut side and back out before cutting the crotch keeping leg hem also intact,then cutting the crotch as straight as possible to match the legs straight across.. The buttons on the side being kept can be unbuttoned to put over the head where the straps can always remained hooked.

I am just learning to sew on a machine, I usually sew by hand on projects. I apologize I’m obviously new to blogging also and have not learned how to add a pinterest link to this project,but one can be found there. Thank you for you patience. I hope you enjoy making your own overall doilie apron.

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