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The Lord’s Father Daughter Road Trip

In July I will be hitting the open road traveling from Mississippi to Oklahoma to visit family then from there to Colorado.

The trip has been in the planning for a year now. I say in the planning tho the reservation has been made and paid in full a year in advance. The rental an 1800’s victorian two story home with a wrap around porch,a beautiful back yard where mule deer visit daily and the squirrels play energiticly, running to and fro playing and gathering food for the winter soon to be coming,with a cascading three tier deck coming from the double glass doored master suite.The upper deck with patio furniture to recline in while  warming in the sun or enjoying the night air with the view of the sky filled with stars shinning as  millions of diamonds seeming close enough to reach and pick as if  crisp red apples from a tree,a gas grill and table with a umbrella on the second level to cook and dine while experiencing the beautiful weather of July and the view. I can almost smell the aroma of the steak  hearing it sizzling while cooking,the potato wrapped in aluminum foil already smelling delicious from being put on earlier so to be ready with the steak,the salad made with crisp lettuce so crisp it crunches between my fingers as I snap it into bite size pieces, the dark green baby spinach leaves,deep red vine ripe tomatoes purchased in Oklahoma at the farmers market; topped with shredded cheddar cheese, fried bacon broken into bits and croutons with a vinaigrette dressing; mushrooms,freshly minced garlic,onions sliced thinly seasoned with salt,pepper and a few pats of  real butter cooked to perfection to top the steak;The  third tier of the decking is actually a landing connecting to a stone pathway winding by a stone retaining wall separating the hammock as if by itself which I can imagine will be invitingly swaying in the breeze, beckoning to me to seek it’s welcoming place of rest and solitude. The yard immaculately kept and cared for, flowers in bloom that are dotting the flower beds here and there,the aromas filtering through the air making it even more picturesque than my mind can imagine. While another area in the yard offers a place of relaxation with the view of the magnificent mountain regions of Pikes Peak as it reaches into the heavens, it’s peaks still covered with snow tho it’s July; with billowing clouds like cotton candy moving ever so slowly across the beautiful sky with the hues of blues going from dark to the lightest of blue much like the Robin’s egg with light illuminating the blues as if to make them glow with the reflections of light from the sun.  The home is located only a couple blocks from town where there will be no need for further transportation giving me the opportunity to walk while enjoying the views of the other homes built in the same era of the one I will be staying in. Seeing and experiencing everything the town has to offer with it’s shops, restaurants, museums,winery with wine tastings,cave dwellings which it’s visitors are encouraged to not only walk through but to touch the artifacts of the people who long ago lived and occupied them,the different springs on the walking trails your encouraged to bring a cup for the tasting the  different types of water which have long been claimed by the Native Americans to have healing properties. Along with the historical homes,bed and breakfast’s there’s  also a dinner theater. One of the historic homes can be toured having tea in its parlor which sounds so nice as I love a good cup or two of hot tea.

The planning of the trip has taken many detours as like a river which flows through the land cutting it’s way through rock and land twisting and turning as it goes to reach it’s final destination.. At first it was to be a fourteen day stay with my daughter and my best friend, to myself and my friend, then a mother daughter road trip,which is now a solo trip. Not for fourteen days but thirty – four days as a retreat for myself. It being my wonderful husband’s idea so I can be refueled, refreshed and restored. The R R & R I most certainly and desperately need.

I have not traveled alone since having children at home, the idea at first  was leaving me feeling unsure,incapable, filled with self doubt and fear; convinced I could not do this alone,I going as far as trying to convince others I could do this, but not having the desire to so; my pride was not going to acknowledge to my loved ones the fear that was strangling me so tightly I felt as one hanging from the gallows in the town square for everyone to see.

Until one day in my alone time with Father God, I heard Him say, “I have equipped you with everything you need.” I sat there trying to convince God I’ll be traveling alone,something all the news stations warn against,I again heard His voice saying,” I will never leave nor forsake you.” The more He said the more I tried talking Him out of my solo trip until I heard these words. “sweetheart I did not give you the spirit of fear but that of love,power and a sound mind.” He continued with,” when your children were no more than six and three years old, with your husband at the time working away from home;gone for twenty-eight days at a time you were a single mother six – eight months out of the year. With me at your side you never lived in fear,you never lacked nor encountered any trouble, I brought the people into your life who were needed at the time.”

I sat speechless recalling all the years of life as a tow boaters wife and how many holidays, birthdays, anniversaries we altered so to celebrate each before being separated by work. How everything with the help of the Lord I handled with great strength because I had small children who needed to feel the security of their mother’s strength for they themselves to be okay. The scripture, I can do all things through Christ Jesus who strengthens me running now through my mind.

I humbly said,” okay Daddy” I trust you,you have never nor will you ever fail me. Please give me the strength needed for this journey. Still self doubt gripped me.  As time went on and draws closer the more excited, the more empowered I become.I’m no longer filled with dread, fear or self doubt but of peace,joy and excitement looking forward to the trip and the Father daughter closeness He and I will have. Often times He moves us out of our comfort zones so to thrust us further into the position of our calling or callings, He does not want us to become stagnant where we are before His words over our life’s are fulfilled as promised or is wanting a deeper relationship with us and must have us where there can be any distractions.

I eagerly look forward to the victorian home,the cascading decks,grilling,relaxing in the hammock, looking out at Pikes Peak, seeing the shops,visiting with the towns people experiencing all I can in a vacation of a life time. Where it’s Daddy Father God and I  having a Father daughter trip,what joy I have knowing He planned this just for Him and myself.I am surely humbled and truly blessed.

Those who place all their trust in The Great I Am are never disappointed, always taken care of in every situation and are never alone. We are equipped with all we need to come through every circumstance and situation. In doing so we come out wiser,stronger,filled with self esteem that has risen up in us and empowering us to operate in His authority and His will not our own.


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