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What day is it

In the business world wondering what day,month or year it is, is probably not an issue because you’ve probably written them a thousand times through your day.You have a date book or calendar on your desk,in your vehicle or a date reminder on your phone calendar set to remind you of your days schedule.

In the early 1980’s I worked with a barge sandblasting and painting company in Baton Rouge Louisiana. My duties included answering the phone which is now the dinosaur of the age the black rotary desk phone with three push button lines for incoming calls. I also handled writing the invoices, contracts and sending them to the customers, I did the time cards and payroll,purchase agent,public relations and dispatcher all under the title of office manager.

I, on a daily basis did the work of many in today’s work place standards and enjoyed every minute of my time because I loved what I did. I married young and soon I was expecting my first child. The marriage not lasting long ended in divorce. I later married again bringing a daughter into this marriage.

My husband was raised in a single parent home and desired I quit working to be a stay at home mom,a homemaker. In the 1980’s when women feverishly followed their careers, being a homemaker was not as stay at home mom’s are welcomed and excepted today.

I dislike the term homemaker because I was under alot of scrutiny for being a homemaker and often heard unsolicited advice from people who thought it best they tell me their opinion. I myself think that domestic goddess would be a better title but I believe homemaker or stay at home mom will be forever marked as the terms used.

I loved being a domestic goddess mom,being involved in every aspect of my children’s life. I lost myself in them which is what I wanted and believed that’s what I was supposed to do. I gave my children the best of myself to ensure they will carry the things I taught into their adulthood which they have.

In being a domestic goddess I did what every domestic goddess does. Cleaning,cooking,laundry in between the children’s fights,I handled the home business of buying insurance, phone calls,handling the finances everything I kinda of done in the work place but with crying,fighting,messy children in tow.

Until the first child started school I lost all need to know the month,day and often the time. Time only was important when it came to fixing dinner. I would often keep the children busy on rainy days by doing crafts with them. I made a craft box of magazines, construction paper,glue,water base paint,crayons ,colored pencils and the child scissors. This box was named the rainy day box which was only taken out of my closet when it rained and they couldn’t go outside.

Crafts were always apart of our lifes even on dry weather days when they didn’t want to be in the lousiana hot muggy heat, usually the hottest parts of their summer vacation when once again I could lose the calendars and clocks.

With my children raised and as I was experiencing the empty nest syndrome the marriage of twenty-six years ended too in divorce. I am remarried and in what I call my retirement without the social security retirement benefits part of my life.

I’m a stay at home wife who keeps busy doing everything a stay at home wife does but without the pressure of getting everything done in one day. If the laundry doesn’t get done today,there’s tomorrow. I have had to slow myself down a bit so that I’m not rushing through this part of my life,it goes by so quickly why rush through it. We all need to stop to smell the rose’s,literally.

In the periods of my down time I do not do anything unless it’s something I desire to do. I take more time for myself with quiet time with Father God, I listen more to His voice than I talk or at least I try to talk less, I know His and listen to no other. I care for my two different breeds of chickens.One breed our Black Copper Maran, the breed who lays the deep chocolate egg or are supposed to. Giving my girls credit,they have only been laying a year so maybe it takes longer to get the deep chocolate eggs they’re said to lay.

Life only happens once and if we’re in such a rush to run through it what are we enjoying. There has to be a period in each week where the date and time do not matter. A day of rest.. I have these days often at times; other than the sabbath which I honor on Friday at sunset until Saturday at sunset.

The other breed is the Partridge Rock Cochin which are so tiny and look like they are wearing feathered britches, yes a southern term for pants. I have three hens sitting, four chicks have hatched and hopefully more will come. They used to free range, are permanently bound to solitary confinedment because of going through the tree line and getting into Aunt Dorthory’s flower beds tearing them up. I suppose fifteen acres isn’t enough for fifteen to twenty chickens to run and have fun that they feel the need for more space to spread their wings and hunt for bugs.

We have a three acre stocked pond with bass,catfish,white perch and brim where we enjoy fishing and eating our catch of the day. We have two,two year old Rouen hen ducks and just purchased 18 more ducklings of an unknown breed from Tractor Supply who are not old enough to enjoy the yard and pond full time. I allow them little excertions in the back yard where I run them water to play in until the time comes to introduce them fully to the pond and leave them run as they see fit to then they’re penned for the night.

While all is going on around our little homestead I find time to craft. I’m not myself unless I’m creating something either in the kitchen as I cook or crafts for use or for decoration around the home. I also love decorating. I guess decorating is my true passion because it gives me the opportunity to create.

I’m finishing cutting boards I measured,cut out,sanded, stenciled,or painted with chalk paint then waxed and sealed all food safe of course and put handles on for easier handling. I’m proud of my accomplishments in this project.

While finishing up with the cutting boards I’m also working on the many other projects I have going. There’s always a craft in the works. I work on each as I feel the desire to do so,my other crafting friends understand this well. There’s always an unfinished project if not, ones will soon be started with my constant companions Tbear a poodle,Layla a yorkie and Samson a great pyrenees at my side. My life is full and fulfilled.

I love where I am in my life’s journey ,my children are following their own paths in life. Hopefully walking out the calling on each of their lifes. We have a blended family inwhich there are now four adult children. When I married there was still a thirteen year old who we shared custody with his mother. He is now 21 and serving our country, he isn’t married as of yet. Our other children are married and two of the children have families of their own.

We have three grandchildren, Dra is eleven,Daisy is seven and John Martin was just born April 2,2019. Life is good,God has surely blessed us.

What day is it ? Isn’t that a perfect way to live ? Everyone needs a what day is it time, down time a time to enjoy what and where God has planted you. With the weekend here it’s a good time to have one for yourself. I pray you have an amazing what day is it as you slow down to enjoy the life you’ve been given. Bloom where you’re planted. Much love sent.

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