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Enjoying my life

enjoying life isn’t always as easy as one makes it sound with the new born crying to be nursed,your other child a two year old is hanging from the curtains behind the sofa getting ready to rehearse for their debut in the next Tarzan movie,the repair at the door rattling the dishes in tge cupboard with each pound on the door eagerly awaiting you answering it so he can charge you an arm,leg and your next child ( which right now sound like a bargin seeing you can’t handle the two children you have at that the moment) for fixing something your husband could fix if only he had the time with all the hours he’s putting in just to pay the bills you have now.
Or the years pass and a parent has just been diagnosed with a terminal illness and given six months to a year to live. In moments like these how exactly are we to enjoy life? Are we to enjoy losing our minds in the chaos of our baby raising years or our hearts breaking when a loved one is passing away.No of course we’re not but I believe we are to enjoy the times we are in by finding the enjoyable aspect of those times. Like lets be honest your children will not stay in the terrible 2’s forever “this too shall pass” and believe it or not when you hit the empty nest syndrome you will actually miss all the hair pulling experiences you are now experiencing,they will be hilarious to recall and you’ll wonder why you thought they were such a hard point in your life considering the other monumental moments that followed. The passing of a loved one never seems to become easier neither does time ease the pain but if I could have slowed my mind during the time before my daddy’s death and really enjoyed every aspect of the time we had left I would have more memories to cherish. I caring for daddy his last six months of life while dealing with issues from a car accident months before was caught up in the losing him aspect I could not and did not hold on to the now moments there before me. April 9,2019 marked the 18th year of daddy’s death and I’m just realizing what I was supposed to do in the moments and months from diagnosis to death but as it’s said hindsight is 20/20. In this part of my life I’m trying to learn from all of my life’s mistakes so I’m learning to find the good or how to look at things and situations differently to enjoy life no matter what it brings. Older is not always wiser for in this part of my life I am often learning by my children’s example. That in itself is the most amazing thrilling experience because I know how I raised them must have taken root and grown, if not they couldn’t be showing me back to the high road I taught them to walk.

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